tanec bez hranic 2020

warm summer night. nothing to do, just chilling. suddenly a phone rings: 

"hey, would you like to shoot a summer dance camp. for a week. leaving tomorrow...?"

"say what?? ummmm....okay i guess?"



 didnt sleep till 3am that night, trying to think everything through, keep in mind never before have i gone shooting professionally something for a week, nor have i ever shot dancing. but ... i mean ... yolo, right? :D needless to say it took me some time to get used to it. watching choreos to find visually interesting positions, the whole workflow of having to edit and publish 150ish shots a day on facebook etc. but man! when the sh.. was on, it was ON!! the energy in the tent, all the shouting, slapping and stomping the floor, or just the pure physical capability of the dancers. i mean ... just the stretching routine would send me to hospital!!! never ever was i so exhausted from shooting but at the same time, never ever was i so exhilirated at the same time. cant wait for next year!! that is if covid doesnt shut us down.